Micrologic ML-522 BT
Micrologic ML-522 BT
BDT 4,500.0
BDT 8,800.0
Micrologic ML-508
Micrologic ML-508
BDT 3,600.0
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Digital X X-L786BT 2:1 Bluetooth Black Speaker

BDT 3,250.0   BDT 3,000.0

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DigitalX Sound Speaker 2.1

  • 2.1 Sound System
  • Bluetooth/USB/FM/Remote control
  • Stylish Design and Strong Body
  • 3.5mm jack

DigitalX X-L786BT , 2.1 is an ultra-compact speaker that improves your audio experience with powerful, room-filling sound. Elevate your sound experience with DigitalX X-L786BT , 2.1 deep bass, knockout sound quality. Tune the volumes and equalizer with remote control. Integrated Bluetooth technology makes it easier to enjoy wireless sound around the house. It also comes with built-in features including Bluetooth, USB / SD card support, FM streaming and remote control.

2.1 Sound System

DigitalX X-L786BT , 2.1 sound systems comes with 2 high resolution satellite speakers which is built with powerful speakers for loud and extended sound quality and 1 powerful woofer for authentic and precise sound. It gives you the performance to experience more realistic and more immersive sound.


DigitalX X-L786BT , 2.1 make it easy for wireless music around the house. Just simply connect the speaker to Your Bluetooth and listen to anything in your playlist. Enjoy wireless freedom with DigitalX X-L786BT , 2.1 speakers.

Stylish Design

With The Cutting Edge design of DigitalX X-L786BT , 2.1 fit into any space, any room in your home. The sleek black design integrates seamlessly, outstanding shaped speakers that keep the profile low and pump out big sound.



Model : Digital X X-L786BT. 2:1 Bluetooth Black Speaker.2.1 Sound System, Stylish Design and Strong Body, 3.5mm jack.(Digital X X-L786BT)

Brand Digital X
Model Digital X X-L786BT
Type Bluetooth Speaker
Channel 2:1
RMS/Channel 8Watt x 2
Subwoofer 25Watt
Remote control Yes
Feature 2.1 Sound System, Stylish Design and Strong Body, 3.5mm jack
Color Regular
Others Color: Black, Unit driver type: 3" x 2 + 5", Memory Card Slot Yes.USB Port Yes.
Warranty 1 year

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